Start Portals

Start Includes 4 Portals

Start is an easy-to-use tool that any size company can utilize to help them secure what is most important to them by making sure the third parties are prioritizing security. Start treats every third party differently because there is no “one size fits all ” assessment and makes third-party risk management easier for all parties involved by bringing everyone into the risk decisions and process with robust permissions, jobs to be done, and customized portals.

Platforms and Features

In Start Admin, you can create and manage all of your TPRM processes. From creating beautiful assessment report templates to assigning remediation, you have a high level view of the assessment process through our robust trackers. In the vendor profiles you can see a full assessment and remediation history, communicate back and forth with the vendor within the platform, and do a control-based audit. In the configuration section you have complete control over your process and can change the dropdowns and verbiage, as well as ensuring your information is locked down across your company as appropriate.

Start Vendor Portal is a third-party portal where your vendors will log in and complete questionnaires, view and submit documents, complete remediations, chat with the Admin team, delegate work amongst their team, and submit evidence. You can invite as many users as you would like and they are responsible for keeping their organization and information up to date.

Start Roster is an internal business-facing portal that users can access across your organization. Business units can use this portal to check the approval or assessment status of a third party, submit requests for new third parties, view documentation, view a list of projects, and see which third parties are linked to which projects.

Start Assessor Portal is designed for third-party application auditors. Here you can assign applications to assessing companies where they are responsible for assigning to individuals, adding findings, logging vulnerabilities, and working with the application owners to remediate the vulnerabilities.

Start mobile app is a wonderful tool that can be used for both onsite and remote assessments. Assessors can download and perform assessments onsite in our offline mode and upload their findings when they get back to home base. The assessment capabilities mirror those of Start Admin without adding assessors to your internal use platform.

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