6 Ways to Streamline Remediation Efforts with Start

Achieving third-party compliance as part of your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program is never an easy feat. Many companies have standards that they hold their third-party partners to, however it can often be a challenge to get those third-parties to make the compliance changes required in order to do business. In this article, we outline […]

5 Challenges of Third-Party Risk Management and How to Overcome Them in 2024

In the course of performing security assessments for our clients, we came to the realization that many were struggling with the sheer volume of assessments they were being asked to perform. More assessments means more data, and handling a lot of data at once that lives between spreadsheets and emails can be chaotic and leads […]

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Vendor Relationship Management: 5 Ways To Involve Stakeholders

Are you struggling to coordinate efforts between the security team and business stakeholders? Vendor relationship management is a crucial component in the assessment process. Business units see security teams as red tape, causing delays and getting in the way of business overall. Yet, business stakeholders are often essential to helping security teams move swiftly and […]

Vendor Security: How To Use Industry Control Sets

Are your assessors burdened with manual work and need a clear path to streamlining vendor security? A significant component of vendor security is performing vendor risk assessments. Control sets are essential to evaluating vendors’ security posture and compliance when performing vendor assessments. At the start of the vendor assessment process, you must tailor control sets […]

Third-Party Risk Management Lifecycle: How To Map Out Each Step

Are you currently contracting vendors without a risk assessment process? The third-party risk management lifecycle is a common term describing the stages of risk companies must manage with their third parties throughout their relationship. Understanding the third-party risk management lifecycle can help your business map out each stage efficiently to ensure you take a holistic […]

Vendor Risk Management Checklist: How To Keep Data Secure

Are you increasingly concerned with vendor risk and don’t have a vendor risk management checklist? In today’s digital landscape, keeping data secure is more than just the measures your company takes to keep hackers out. With an increasing number of vendors that your organization incorporates into its IT ecosystem, it’s essential to perform regular vendor […]

Types of Vendor Risk: Learn Industry Vulnerabilities

Are you unsure which types of vendor risk could affect your organization? Outsourcing critical operations to third-party vendors saves businesses money and increases efficiency. However, there are also inherent risks involved with outsourced services. Companies must understand and manage those risks holistically by developing a comprehensive vendor management program. It’s essential to take a risk-based approach […]

Third-Party Risk Management Regulations: How To Avoid Risk

Are you unsure which third-party risk management regulations you must follow to avoid risk? In today’s competitive business landscape, most companies must collaborate with many third-party partners, vendors, and suppliers to keep operations running smoothly and strengthen their bottom line. However, these third parties also create risks that can harm the organization’s operations, financial standing, […]

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New Vendor Questionnaire: How To Start Templating

Third-party vendors bring the necessary expertise and services to your company and are a vital part of any business ecosystem, but they can also introduce cyber risk. Business partnership requires trust, so creating a new vendor questionnaire is essential so your potential vendors abide by your security practices. Only then can you evaluate the risk […]

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